Official band website online now!

           For years everybody was wondering: "What is happening with Twisted Tales?".

For those who gave up on them - this will be a nice surprise, for those who've been waiting all along - it was worth it !


Exciting news are coming! First of all, now they have official website. Everything you want to know: biography, news, merch, gigs, or even  contact them personally, you can do it now on . They made a nice and simple website, where you can navigate quickly and find whatever you are looking for through icons or search menu, and that is not all ...


As promoting their website they said: "Next 20 days will be really exciting for us. Not only did we prepare some cool stuff and surprises for our fans, but we will even make it possible to download our music directly from our website for free. You don't even need to register or sh*t, just to click download button... isn't that awesome?".


Concealing what they have prepared as surprise, there's a rumor that even new material will be released soon, possibly available to listen or even to download from their site for free. Who knows ?


Anyway, stay tuned to their website every day and find out.